Create Mobile Application without coding

What do you think, if you can create mobile application in minutes with features like App Purchase, Push Notification, Sychronize and you can make money from your apps.

But the Problem here is: Create an app make you stress

  • First, you need advance software like: Android Studio, Eclipse, Xcode or PhoneGap.
  • Second, you need months to know coding.
  • Alternatively, you can hire programmer with lower cost.
  • And if you don’t like the result, that’s wasting time.

And i found the solution to make apps within minutes, even you have never built an application before. Yes, in minutes, not hours, or days, or months. It’s ShalomApps.


ShalomApps Review:

ShalomApps help companies and individuals create professional iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle applications at an affordable price. Using ShalomApps is really easy. You dont need to be an Xcode expert, a Java guru or a software developer at all to build your own iPhone and Android apps. You can start creating native iPhone and Android application right away. Choose a template, easily edit and format your content and pictures and multimedia files.

With ShalomApps you can create:

  • Iphone/ipad apps and publish it to app store.
  • Android app and publish it to play store.
  • App for kindle fire and distribute to Amazon app store.
  • Transform your content into mobile friendly website.

Create Mobile Application without coding1

ShalomApps Feature:

  • Create an App in minutes.
  • Alert your users, with push notifications
  • Share videos inside your apps
  • Place ads in your apps, or charge for it and monetize.
  • Publish your app in Newsstand
  • Create a shopping cart with inApp or Paypal
  • Sell any other items inside your apps
  • Anything is possible using in app HTML
  • Monitor application installs and usage
  • Play podcasts within the app
  • Display a location on an interactive map
  • Create and scan QR codes


What Others say about ShalomApps?

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